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Media appearances: articles, interviews, podcasts.

Popular articles:

  • Almeida, Carla R.; Frion, Emmanuel; Delgado, Paola; von Marttens, Rodrigo, and Miranda, Tays. "Astrocientistas. A note from the organizers," in KWI-BLOG, April 6th, 2021. WEB.

  • Almeida, Carla R. "Roger Penrose, black holes, and the Nobel Prize," in KWI-BLOG, October 14th, 2020. WEB.

  • Almeida, Carla R. "A brief history of black holes." The Conversation, December 27th, 2018. WEB.

  • Almeida, Carla R. "O que Einstein pensava sobre buracos negros?" in Blog A Ciência Explica, April 17th, 2019. WEB.


  • Entrevista para o Observatório Astronômico do IFES. "Um passo a mais para a inclusão da mulher na ciência brasileira." 2021. WEB.

Podcast and Webconferences:

  • "Black Holes in the media: from Star Trek to Oppenheimer." (in Portuguese) Webconference. 2023. YouTube.

  • "Oppenheimer and black holes." (in Portuguese) Podcast CienciOn. 2023. WEB.

  • "Black holes, wormholes, and donut holes." Participation in the science podcast for children Brains On. 2019. WEB.

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